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Partnering with families

to sharpen children’s hearts and minds

to make a big impact for God’s kingdom

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Who We Are

Arrows Academy has three campuses in SC and GA. We provide a two day per week program that partners with families to give their children instruction in the main content areas with qualified teachers and excellent curriculum. Arrows Academy is known for providing an academically rigorous program with a Biblical worldview that has blessed hundreds of homeschooled students since 2010.

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“Arrows Academy has been an important part of our family’s life for 5 years.  The skilled, professional teachers have created an interesting, challenging, and engaging learning environment for my now middle school aged children. My kids look forward to interacting with their teachers and friends each week in a setting which simply can not be reproduced around my kitchen table at home with me as their only teacher. At Arrows I can rest knowing my kids are receiving an excellent education with carefully selected curriculum taught by teachers who love Jesus and want to see them grow in their walk with God.”

Heather Ratcliff

“Arrows Academy has provided our family the benefits of private Christian schooling at an affordable price while still allowing for the flexibility and family time of homeschooling. I love that my children have two days a week with their friends, learning, playing, and worshipping God together. And I love that I have two days a week to run errands, get my house in order, and make any necessary appointments which are otherwise difficult with children in tow. Arrows relieves some of the pressure of homeschooling, not only in affording me that extra time, but also in providing guidance and accountability. I feel I can rest assured that my children are receiving a quality, developmentally appropriate education. It’s also a relief to know that if there’s an area I’ve forgotten or have little interest in (Art, for example), Arrows will help fill in the gaps. What I love most, though, is how my children have grown spiritually. The Missions classes and morning assemblies with worship & God’s Word have had more of an impact on them than their Sunday School classes at church!”

Celine Millus

“The literature and reading at Arrows Academy surpass the other programs out there.  The assembly program and worship are a wonderful highlight.  I have teachers who orally quiz my child you has trouble getting her answers down on paper in words. I have teachers who notice when my child is upset or hurt and questions them and comforts them before they come home.  Situation handled in a Christ like manner on the spot. Modeling such good attributes I want her to aspire to as an adult. I can’t say enough about how pleased and impressed we have been this year.”

Mom of 5